Horizontal fan

Horizontal fans with a glass-dividing rung can be inserted into all sliding elements for regulated ventilation. This does not affect the sliding ability of the elements.
The horizontal ventilators can be installed both at the top and bottom of the sliding elements.
The folding ventilators have a high resistance to driving rain between 350 – 400 Pa.

Supply air unit

The WFL supply air unit is preferably installed in the plinth area and provides fresh air in the conservatory. As soon as air escapes through a skylight or is exhausted by an extract air unit, cool air flows in automatically from outside when the supply air damper is open, without the help of a fan.

The fresh air supply is regulated according to the indoor temperature and humidity. If the values are higher than desired, the supply air is opened. In addition, the temperature outside is recorded by the WFL supply air unit to optimise ventilation in summer and winter.
If the summer switch is activated, the ventilation flap closes as soon as the temperature of the incoming air is higher than the room temperature. On cold days, the winter circuit keeps the ventilation flap closed to prevent the conservatory from cooling down and damaging plants sensitive to cold.

The powerful drive of the supply air damper consists of a spur gear and worm drive and is therefore self-locking.
The WFL is thus closed securely and tightly. The slim housing of the supply air unit is made of highly thermally insulated integral hard foam (IHS). The built-in panel, powder-coated on both sides, is extremely pressure-resistant and is mounted like a glass panel. Since the WFL is silicone-free, it can be installed together with self-cleaning panes.

The WFL ventilation unit is controlled by radio. Therefore, only the mains voltage needs to be connected during installation.
As soon as the radio connection has been taught-in, the WFL works wirelessly and without any additional device with the WS1® and WS1000® Style control units. The supply air unit can also be switched directly with the Remo® 8 radio remote control (without any additional control unit).