Overview of general information on statics

The building law regulations take a special value with the planning of a sun garden or a conservatory.

Beside the usual building documents a testable statics belongs to it.

For this topic following some fundamental notes and references:

A so-called type statics must have been submitted and released at the highest building authority. The official approval by this authority is always noted on the cover sheet of the statics with a validity period!

With the introduction of the Eurocode, the type or system statics can no longer be provided. Individual structural analysis is always required, as otherwise load cases from 52 kg/m² to over 400 kg/m² would have to be provided.  However, this load range cannot be represented.

If a type statics cannot be presented, an individual statics must be created. The following points are relevant for this:

The statics must bear the original signature of the structural engineer.

In the application procedure, a distinction is made between the normal building application and the simplified building permit procedure. The normal building application always includes a statics.

In the simplified procedure, the statics remain with the building owner. It must be possible to submit this at any time on request. A declaration of the structural engineer is submitted to the building authority instead of the statics.

In practice, the simplified building permit procedure is often used. The structural engineer must sign a declaration (form varies from building authority to building authority!) about the respective object in the original. This confirms that the statics have been prepared in accordance with the public building law. The person who submits the building application is the author of the draft and must be authorized to create building documents. Thus the signatory is responsible for the application procedure – also for the proper preparation of the statics.

The legal situation is clear: Anyone who deliberately or negligently provides incorrect information is acting contrary to regulations according to § 91 para. 3 NbauO and can be held responsible! Fines of up to 500.000 Euro can be imposed!

Who works with copied statics tables offends against the above paragraph and the owner is denied a valid statics!

With the building of the sun garden or conservatory may be begun only after presentation of the building permit!

The execution regulations can vary in the federal states! In case of doubt, you should consult with your responsible building authority.

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