Self-supporting wall connection with the multi-function profile 198 x 100 mm

  • highest stability and stability even with large support spans

  • regulation-compliant fastening in difficult structural situations, e.g. in case of non-load-bearing masonry!

  • simple, fast and safe installation

  • reliable tightness

  • visually appealing problem solution

  • can also be used for insulated roof constructions


For the self-supporting wall connection (illustration shows the uninsulated variant here), we have developed a solution based on a multifunctional profile with the dimensions 198 x 100 mm. The wall rail is simply hooked into the multifunction profile.
An optimization of the load capacity is achieved by the fact that a precisely fitting, hot-dip galvanized steel tube can be installed in four different wall thicknesses (3, 5, 6 or 10 mm), depending on the static requirements. In this way, support spans of up to 7 meters can be achieved, depending on the roof depth and the prevailing snow load.