Roof ventilator

Roof ventilators are available as uninsulated version for a sun garden as well as in insulated version for conservatories

Uninsulated roof ventilators (see picture)

With a large manual air flow with 280 cm²/lfm free ventilation cross-section. Easy to retrofit with motorized performance variants up to 760m³/h. Only 60mm construction above glass level. Unrestricted operation is possible even in rain.

  • Housing with aluminium system profiles
  • Surface powder-coated or anodized according to DIN
  • Assembly without crossbar, 3-sided panel
  • manual opening/closing by ventilation slide

Insulated roof ventilator (not shown)

The motorized ventilation units ensure a pleasant climate in the conservatory if the ventilation system via windows is not sufficient due to the building situation. The WL400 and WL800 roof ventilators remove air (exhaust air) or circulate it (recirculation air).

The housing of the ventilation units is made of highly thermally insulated integral hard foam. Due to the low overall height, the fans fit under an external sun protection, such as an awning. The blowers used operate at a particularly low noise level. The drive of the closing flaps is self-locking, which means that the flap cannot be moved when the drive is stopped. The high contact pressure of the flap guarantees a high degree of tightness. Due to the completely silicone-free processing, the WL400 and WL800 can be easily installed together with self-cleaning panes.

Both roof ventilators communicate with the WS1® and WS1000® Style control systems via radio. Alternatively, the devices can be switched directly with the Remo® 8 radio remote control.

The recirculation mode can be used to gain heat and thus save heating energy. Furthermore, condensation can be effectively reduced by timely air circulation. The controls detect critical conditions of temperature and dew point with the help of a special calculation method. In this way, the recirculation mode is started even before moisture settles.