Automatic climate control

The climate control systems stand for an overall concept for the automatic control of the shading systems used and the aeration and ventilation devices. All relevant climate data (temperature, humidity, wind, rain, sun) are recorded and evaluated. The conservatory climate is thereby automatically regulated – even in the absence of the user. Installing the bus system is very easy.

In order to co-ordinate the existing aeration and ventilation devices, the shading and the heating exactly one on the other, an automatic conservatory control is a very useful additional equipment. It depends not only on the fact that the individual devices do their service, but that all components in their functions and characteristics function exactly one on the other co-ordinated.

Conservatory controls analyze the climate inside and outside of the conservatory and control the attached devices in such a way that always the desired condition prevails.

WS1000® and WS1® are control and operating units for building services engineering in conservatories, private houses and smaller office buildings. The automatic control unit ensures an optimum room climate and offers safety and comfort functions. At the same time, the energy balance of the building is optimized by the perfect interaction of the building services.

The central element of the control system is the touch-sensitive color display. Here the connected devices are operated and settings are adjusted. The user interface guides you through the setting steps as if it were the most natural thing in the world.

As soon as there is no more operation, the screen shows the current weather data, the course of the sun or precipitation.

In order to save energy, the display can automatically dim or switch off completely depending on the ambient brightness.

Drives and devices are connected directly to the controls. In addition, radio channels are available for wireless communication. Radio modules can thus be used to control additional drives and devices.

The most important automatic functions of the controls are sun protection and ventilation. Awnings, blinds and shutters are controlled according to brightness and additionally according to sun direction and height. The slat angle of blinds can be adjusted according to the position of the sun. This prevents direct sunlight, but the room is illuminated as far as possible by daylight.

In addition, the shades only shut down when the desired room temperature is reached. In this way, the heat of the sun is utilized. Irrespective of this, the control systems protect the connected shadings from damage by wind or rain. The integrated timer enables comfort functions such as closing the shutters as privacy protection.

Automatic ventilation depends on temperature and humidity. For example, in summer the windows are opened at night for cooling until the desired room temperature is reached. A rain alarm function protects furniture and furnishings from moisture damage. Heating, ventilation and air conditioning systems are also regulated by the controls, so that the desired room climate is maintained.

Security in the building is improved by connecting smoke and motion detectors. Images from video cameras can be shown on the display of the controls, for example to monitor the entrance area.

Individual wishes, such as the timer switching of a pond pump or the atmospheric lighting of the garden and house, can also be realized with the WS1000® and WS1® building control systems.