Adapted to any architecture – also in stainless steel

Stainless steel is a material that allows very discreet and filigree fixings. This makes transparent canopy constructions possible, which offer a durable and effective weather protection of the entrance area in a modern architecture. The glass roofing is of course made of high-quality safety glass.

Model “Lindo” Detail wall support

With the “Lindo” model, the pane is suspended from above with brackets.

The model “Terra II” requires
only a low mounting height

Model “Terra II” Detail wall support

Tip: These stainless steel constructions will stay beautiful for years, are easy to clean and very durable. If necessary, ask your specialist dealer for the alternative of a quick self-assembly. The canopy model 3000 – or the model 2200 in stainless steel look – is perfectly suited for this purpose