The all-glass sliding system GS20 offers the possibility to move the individual sliding wings horizontally to one or two sides in parallel. The one-sided drivers automatically pull the next sliding sashes along only when closing, which makes it easier to clean the glass. Due to the construction at the bottom, large opening widths can be realized without additional roof supports. The ball-bearing mounted carriages at the bottom guarantee an optimal and smooth running of the individual sliding sashes.

Due to the height compensation of the ceiling rail of up to 20 mm and the height adjustment of the rollers of up to 5 mm, the sliding system easily compensates for structural reductions of an eave or lintel and enables a quick and easy installation.

As a further alternative to the GS20 sliding system, the SDS25 sliding/turning system, for example, can be used. The individual sliding wings can be opened over the entire front of a summer garden and parked as a narrow package on the side to save space. This allows an unobstructed view into the adjacent garden.