Mobile protection display

The “Mobile protection displays” (MPD)

In order to protect oneself as well as possible from pathogens and viruses at work in the office, in private surroundings, while shopping, doing sports and other circumstances, we now offer different variants of transparent protective barriers to effectively prevent direct contact with other people.

  • Prevent health risks that can be caused by other people, for example when sneezing or coughing.
  • Use the mobile “transparent protective barrier” for your personal safety and for the safety of your fellow men.

The Protection-Display is placed between the conversation partners, this prevents direct contact and minimizes a possible transmission path of viruses very much without losing eye contact.

  • This creates an effective barrier against possible pathogens that can have a negative impact on your health.

The mobile protective wall is available in four different MPD variants, they are easy to handle, have a low weight and can be set up in just a few steps:

  • robust aluminium frame with transparent filling, with feet for the office
  • or as freestanding floor variant
  • in acrylic design for installation e.g. on sales counters
  • or as a suspended version, for example for counters

are possible areas of application:

  • surgeries, office workplaces, cash desk areas, counters or counters
  • Companies, public institutions, offices, authorities and other institutions
  • Sport and fitness or also in the private sector
  • Other social events and many applications more

General notes: The Protection-Displays can also be delivered in other dimensions and colors. Prices only on request.

Delivery time: Within 14 days. Subject to prior sale.

The shown photos may differ from the standard version!