New wall rail for the 2100 series

The new 777806 wall rail will complement the previous 777805 wall rail, which has proven itself over a long period of time, in many areas of application.

We would like to highlight the following advantages:

  • Greater overall height to accommodate the 777830 center support rationally
  • Roof pitch up to 18° across all system supports (higher roof pitches can be checked after consultation)
  • Longer insulating web for better thermal insulation
  • The fastening area of the wall rail has been adapted to today’s technical requirements
  • The wall rail has been given a glazing bead mounting* so that the glass sealing is analogous to the one-piece wall rail 749805 of the 3000 series.
  • With the standard glazing thickness of 28 mm, glazing bead 749807 can be used without additional processing.
  • The end piece is mounted in screw channels provided for this purpose.
  • In order to be able to use the advantages of the wall rail also for low mounting heights, the wall rail has two predefined dimensions for shortening the profile. The dimensions are matched to beams with an overall height of 125 mm and 85 mm. Professional sealing of the wall rail to the building structure is still possible without additional expense.

* Note for KKP users: When inserting the infill panels and glazing bead/seal combinations, it is important to make the correct selection in advance (roof panels 4 corner conservatory with glazing bead WA). Subsequent exchange is not possible.